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Stone City Ales Delivery

One of our favourite places to go downtown Kingston when the patios are open is Stone City Ales. Luckily, even though the patios won’t be open for the foreseeable future, we can still enjoy our favourite local craft beer at home. So far, we have ordered from Stone City Ales three times, using their free local delivery. Ordering is a breeze, just choose from the currently available batches and when you have everything you want; you select your delivery time. They have you create an account with an email address and then enter an address, within Kingston, for delivery. They have a useful postal code search option to validate that your address qualifies for their delivery range. They accept credit cards or gift cards as payment options. On that note, we were also able to send a gift card to friend as a congratulations for landing a new job!

As a thank you to the staff you can add $5 to your order to “buy the staff a beer”. This is an item you can add to the order like any of the available beers. The description states that 100% of the proceeds go to the staff.

-Sarah & Bruce

ps. If you have received excellent delivery service, please let us know so we can share the love!


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