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Delivery Training for Newbies

Our recent mandatory shift to online grocery shopping is a breeze for us computer literate people, but for others, it's a huge leap from comfortable habits. We've been working on encouraging our neighbours to stay home, it's been a challenge. Some encouragement has been in the form of lecturing and sharing up to date news, the rest involves teaching them a different way to shop. Because we support physical distancing, we can't sit beside them at a computer and walk them through step by step, we have to be more creative.

To help with the transition, we've become the point place for some of the ordering. They text / email their requests, and we figure out how to order it. Before all of this germ stuff, we had an account with Limestone Creamery, their shopping cart let's you add things through the week, choose which days in the future you want to receive those items, and let's you create a standing order for things you want weekly. My neighbours now have our log in information, can add stuff themselves, and we distribute when we receive our weekly order.

This week, we decided to try out Quattrocchi's delivery system. It's a little tricky as there's no shopping cart, but actually, their system is easier than a shopping cart. Their order form simply requests your contact info and your list of items. Quattrocchi's has also created a video tour of the store to help you see the enormous variety of items they have available. I placed our order about 4pm Friday night. Saturday morning, about 10:30am, I received a call to tweak some of our items, and to collect my credit card information. By noon we received our order.

Without a shopping cart, you're ordering with blind faith, but having shopped at

Quattrocchi's many times pre isolation, I can confirm their prices are usually on par or below big box store prices. You can get some excellent deals, especially if you're buying bulk items, like 50lb bags of potatoes. I'm sharing our neighbourhood shopping list with you so you can have an idea of Quattrocchi's prices. And unfortunately, so you can see that finding delivered ice cream is still a challenge I'm working on.



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