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A local blend of coffee

I'm not much of a coffee drinker. Usually it's just one cup of coffee in the morning for me. But I do enjoy the taste of it. A year ago, I had a 5 kg tin of McCafe coffee from Costco that I used. It lasted about a year. It was around that time I switched to drinking black coffee.

Late last year (before the current outbreak), when that was running low, I looked into buying a local blend. Kingston has many great local businesses. I went into Cooke's Fine Foods because I'd heard good things about their coffee.

They weren't lying.

From the moment I stepped in the door, I could smell the aroma of coffee. It wasn't strong, but kind of like when you walk by a bakery and smell the bread baking. They had an employee standing by the coffee section (they had an entire section devoted to coffee) to explain what kinds they had. I chose the house blend. It's been a great blend to have in the morning.

But with that blend now running low, I decided to look into local delivery options. I'd recently heard about the new blend for a local radio station from County Rd. Coffee Co.. They had a contest to name the coffee; I entered, but didn't win.

I ordered from their website and several days later the coffee showed up in my mailbox.

The first cup of coffee from them was good and a nice part of my morning.

County Rd. Coffee roasts your coffee after your order has been received so it's as fresh as possible. They are currently offering free local delivery, check their website for details. I encourage you to consider them as a local option if you're looking to try out coffee delivery options!

Stay safe!



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