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In our opinion, the Kingston Economic Recovery Team is you. By opening your wallets to local Kingston businesses, you will be the ones to decide which businesses will thrive and which will take a new adventure path. Farmers, pet stores, restaurants, barbers, mechanics, printers, butchers, and bakers, will all need your help.      


We're all in this together (well, most of us), we're on the same team, and teams should have snazzy uniforms. Thanks to @Limestoned from Twitter, we have a stylish design which we hope you'll wear while spending local, whether online or in person.

Show local businesses you care and, at the same time, help generate funds to support the Belle Park Tent Community, and other Kingstonians who are in between homes right now.  100% of the profits generated from sales will be used to support Kingston's homeless community.  We believe in transparency and accountability. We will disclose all finances so you'll know to the penny how your money was used.

We're suggesting $30 for a standard cotton t-shirt, tank, or ladies shirts and $20 for 15oz mugs, but we understand belts have been tightened, pay what you can.  Hoodies, stickers & car decals are also possible, please inquire.  Payment can be sent via e-transfer to, if you need another payment method, just ask, we're flexible.

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